Our Solutions

Advanced Analytics

Analytics eliminates randomness and waste. Use science and deep analytics to achieve precise targeting and higher ROI for all Advertising & Marketing campaigns.


Digital, Community Reach, Proximity

Using proprietary software, we provide knowledge of the diverse communities (multi-cultural) comprising retailers’ customer bases and store trade areas.


Document Management & Work Flow

Managing and hosting tailored workflow and systems for diverse sectors using proven and secure imaging, web and cloud technologies.


Direct Mail and Flyer Distribution

We deliver advertising across the full spectrum of in-home analog channels.


Print Management

In addition to digital media executions, we deliver advertising across the full spectrum of in-home analog channels including radio, flyers, direct mail and newspapers.


Target your Optimal Consumer

Select from an exhaustive list of preset and custom variables for
instant targeting.

From Good to

Our clients benefit from
state-of-the-art technologies to
maximize their investment.


Our clients increase their own
customer engagement.

Become a Portfolio

Ciscom offers entrepreneurs
the ability to secure the
investment in their life’s work.

Ciscom offers entrepreneurs
secure investments

Enjoy the positive side of client relationships and product
development with continued financial appreciation/gain.

  • Retire based upon an agreed timeframe enabling a
    smooth transition to ensure continued prosperity
  • If your business has a proven track record of revenue
    over $10M per year (Covid impact excluded), are profitable
    and produce positive cash flow year-over-year

Our Partners

  • Prospect Media Group

    Prospect Media is a technology driven marketing agency providing retail analytics, consumer insights, digital and integrated media services, direct mail, flyer distribution management, and related services to Canadian retailers and business-to-consumer advertisers.
  • Market Focus Omni Media

    MFD is a technology driven organization that has developed unique proprietary software applications which enables the processing of big data very efficiently.

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