Prospect Media is a technology driven marketing agency providing retail analytics, consumer insights, digital and integrated media services, direct mail, flyer distribution management, and related services to Canadian retailers and business-to-consumer advertisers. The company uses proprietary sophisticated software applications (IP) to provide fully customized marketing solutions to retail customers in a wide range of industries. Prospect Media’s value lies in applying dynamic, customer transaction data, combined with consumer behavioural data, to develop an optimized and integrated media channel mix to reach client target audiences. 

Key Products and Services

The main products and services are:

  1. Consumer Data & Analytics – Through proprietary analysis of client point of sale (POS) data (transaction data linked to customer postal code), identifying the highest value, highest opportunity consumers and households within retail trade areas.  This data is applied to build a targeted, integrated media strategy focused on driving incremental traffic and sales (in-store & e-commerce).
  2. Integrated Media Strategy – Leveraging its data and analytic expertise to develop fully integrated media strategy for its clients, ranging from the creation of consumer personas, market share analysis, media mix planning & channel investment recommendations, media performance and measurement.
  3. Digital Media Management – Plan and buy digital media for its clients, including search engine marketing (SEM), social, display/programmatic, contextual, digital flyer, audio, and video.
  4. Print Media Management – Significant expertise in the optimization and execution of print flyer and direct mail, leveraging data to ensure flyers and direct mail are used effectively within an integrated media strategy.  Turnkey flyer and direct mail management services are provided including printing, targeting, strategy, household distribution (via newspaper or Canada Post) and measurement of programs.
  5. Broadcast & Out of Home (OOH) – provides full planning of all core media tactics including TV, radio, OOH, and other specialty tactics.