About Us

Our Company

Ciscom actively invests in, acquires, and manages market leading companies active in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and focused on technology driven marketing/advertising, documents processing and content management organizations.

All having complementarity of activities, and implementing significant synergies and leverages at all levels (Sales, expenses, financial, operations and management).

Ciscom is a long-term investor. It buys and holds, and works with management teams to grow portcos.

Content management & delivery
Process automation & Work flow

Digital/Online marketing
Social media integration
Business automation


Ciscom helps it's clients
harness their own performance

Ciscom harnesses the talent, intelligence and agility of independent entrepreneurs, exponentially enhancing individual contributions to cohesive and mighty team collaborations. Uniting forces to create a technology powerhouse with delivery proficiency and big data expertise.
Ciscom helps its clients increase their own performance – more sales, at a lower cost. Using big data, analytics, documents management and process flow, insight and targeting, Ciscom delivers more customers, increases customer frequency and share of wallet/basket. All this being done while reducing customer acquisition and delivery costs.
Simply put, we succeed when our clients experience their own success.
We have a bias for action, thus are result oriented. We empower your business!
About Us

We take good
businesses and make them great

We take good businesses and make them great to better deliver on our promise of excellence. In turn, clients benefit from state-of-the-art technologies and thinking, maximizing investments in marketing and in operations.
We build lasting partnerships. Our clients increase their own customer engagement.
Integrity, Leadership, Caring, Visionary
Enabling Performance Acceleration